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  • Dan | Eternal Moment Films


Whether it's a Hollywood blockbuster or your wedding video, every film will have what's known as 'establishing shots'. These shot's are used to show the environment the subjects are in and therefore set the scene. All of my wedding films will include some sort of establishing shots, whether that's showing the entire venue from an aerial drone shot or a super wide shot of the location of the ceremony, to much more different ways of setting the scene. However, when it comes to destination weddings I believe this step is even more important than usual. Why? Well, what is a destination wedding? Simply put, it is a wedding that takes place in a destination away from the place the couple lives. Typically, they will be in a different country altogether. When you're going all the way to a different country for your wedding, usually both the couple and the guests will likely stay for longer than just the wedding day (I don't blame them!). Meaning it is likely that they will have explored the location, seen the local landmarks and experienced the culture of their destination. But why is this relevant? In my wedding films I like to immerse the viewers into feeling like they're really there and THIS is exactly why I believe you can go so much deeper on the establishing shots for destination weddings. I like to spend at least half a day, before or after the wedding, immersing my self into the same experiences the couple and guests will have had on their visit. I will capture all of this on camera and use it in my destination wedding films to really take the viewer back to what is was really like, beyond just the wedding its self.


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