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Welcome to Eternal Moment Films.

Over the years we've covered thousands of events from sports to concerts to fashion, all around the UK and Europe, but Eternal Moment Films focuses solely on the more personal moments in life.
We make moments of love, laughter, happiness and once in a life time occurrences last forever using our passion for storytelling and filmmaking. 
We aim to deliver an immersive experience through the form of video to take you back to your special day or let someone else know what it felt like to be there.

Destination Wedding Film On A Greek Island
Wholesome Barn Wedding in the UK!
Victoria & Michael's Wedding in the North East | Middleton Lodge Estate
This Wedding Was In A Castle!
Emotional Speech From Brides Step-Father
Darius & Leah | Unique wedding in Newcastle!
Jon & Jen | Brinkburn Priory Northumberland Wedding


"It captured our day perfectly and it's amazing to be able to relive it."


"His eye for cinematography shone through the piece and created a memory that will last a lifetime."

Should you get a wedding video?

The day of marriage is filled with very little regret.


However, the most common regret is NOT getting a film made of the special day. 

But is a Wedding Film right for you?

The benefits of hiring a wedding videographer to produce a wedding film:

- A brand new and unique perspective that no one else will capture with their smart phones.

- Once in a life time reactions and moments caught on camera that can be relived over and over again.

- Give people more of an insight into your day with footage of bride and groom preparation

- There is no doubt your day will fly past and you won't have the chance to stop and appreciate everything going on around you. That's our job! With a wedding film you can experience the day from a whole new perspective.

The Life Story Podcast

The Life Story Podcast is a unique idea that gives you the opportunity to sit down with a loved one and chat about their life so their story can live on for generations to come.

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